Tax time has come & gone – were you prepared?

How well were you prepared for your tax return this year?  Did you get a refund or have to pay in? helps you to organize your business transactions so that you will save money on Accountant fees, save money on federal taxes, and are prepared for opportunities that may present themselves to you.  Keeping your books organized all year will give you a better picture of your success.  Do you need to (or want to) spend money on repairs or business purchases before the year is done?  Such an expense should save you money, by lowering your net profit for the year.  There are many ways to save money, but the first is to organize your business transactions – sales, receipts, expenses, etc… can help you do that.  We offer full bookkeeping services to the local small businesses in Londonderry, Bedford, Merrimack, Manchester & surrounding area (owner operators &/or business with less than 12 employees).  Call today for more information 603-247-8328, or go to our Contact  page & send us a note.